Well, here we are. Mid-August and mourning the end of summer. I know, I know…those of you with “real” jobs (ahem…Micah 😘) get so tired of people like me mourning the end of summer or any school break for that matter. But…anyway. Today is the last day of summer break. On Monday my kids & I head back to school. Our eleven weeks of no alarms, no packed lunches and no routine are over. Needless to say, I kind of wanted to relish Read more



Happy summer to you! An entire season has passed since I last sat down to write. At my kids’ ages, our spring gets extraordinarily busy. Couple my husband’s regular work craziness with the end of school activities of my preschool and my kids’ elementary & middle schools, then add in soccer and gymnastics and church and — VOILÀ — people like me tend to say they’ll write later when things aren’t so crazy busy. So, see ya later, Spring. It was nice seeing you.  Moving right along….

And here we are at the first day of July already. Before I blink, summer break will be half over. I can say that I’m pleasantly surprised Read more


I promise I’m not going to share tales from the loo with you every time I write. I promise. I really do. But…

My family and I recently spent a few nights in a hotel. This was a familiar place, a hotel with our preferred chain that we’ve actually stayed in multiple times before. The first morning we were there, I lost my balance a little as I was getting out of the shower. No biggie. No slips, no falls; all was well…just some loose footing on a slippery tub surface. I warned my family about how slippery it was Read more


My kids never cease to amaze me. They’re funny, stubborn, helpful, smart, kind, goofy and sometimes just plain weird. Sometimes they make great choices and other times their decision-making skills need a tune-up. Whether it’s my girl’s balancing act across the top of the church’s playground equipment on about a 4″ wide beam…like 7 or 8 feet in the air…over gravel…not a moment I care to relive! She called it gymnastics. I called it a circus act without a net. Or my tweenage son’s reasoning that it’s perfectly ok to play in the pouring monsoon rain while he’s waiting in the school pick-up car rider line on the day I had told him we were going shoe shopping for him RIGHT…AFTER…SCHOOL. Just when I start questioning where in the world these crazy kids came from, they turn around and do sweet & caring things like when my son took care of his sister the day she got sick in the backseat on the way home from school. With no place for me to pull over quick enough, he instinctively held the bag so she could “relieve” her nausea, then helped her clean her face & get a drink, all after spontaneously praying for her to feel better. Funny thing is, all of these things happened in the same month!

Recently, I had one of those moments that was half amusing, half “what’s up with that?” Read more


So many starts and so few finishes.

I’ve been trying to write this blog for three weeks. Several different ideas crossed my mind…a deep thought here, an alleged good topic there…but every time I sat down and started typing I’d stall out and backspace more words than I can count. I have multiple blogs started that pootered out after just a paragraph or so. I even fell asleep a time or two (or twenty) while writing. And now here I am. Totally frustrated.

On the surface it seems like standard writer’s block but I know it’s more. Read more


So here it is January 2, 2017. Already.

It’s kind of unreal, honestly. Every new year I’m amazed at how fast the last one literally flew by. This one was no different in that aspect. Last Saturday, the last day of 2016, I was reflecting on the year and God spoke to me, “I answered your prayer.” When I wasn’t sure just exactly which one He meant since He answered more than one last year, He reminded me it was the one I had prayed at the beginning of the year when said I wanted to know Him in ways I’d never known him before. I then remembered how I had been nervous to pray that one–knowing it would probably mean experiencing things I hadn’t before–but my heart ached to know Him deeper. I knew I didn’t want to go through the year the same way I was.

So just a few days after my cautious but heartfelt plea He gave me a life changing word, Read more


Late last week, my sister posted a picture on Facebook that triggered a flood of memories in me. When I opened the app that day, I had not expected that a hunting picture of our late grandfather who has been gone now for 9 years would be the first pic I’d see…it kind of took my breath away. In a flash I remembered grandpa’s rough whiskers with which he loved to tickle us grandkids. I remembered how he loved to tell stories…especially ones that involved hunting or baseball or family. I remembered how he would sit down at their kitchen table put on his dress shoes for church imageand wait for grandma to comb his hair with Groom & Clean (it was like Bryllcreem). I remembered how grandma adored him and he adored her just the same. I thought of the smiles and good times and how much we miss them both…

Eventually my memory rabbit chased its way down the trail to a certain Read more