Late last week, my sister posted a picture on Facebook that triggered a flood of memories in me. When I opened the app that day, I had not expected that a hunting picture of our late grandfather who has been gone now for 9 years would be the first pic I’d see…it kind of took my breath away. In a flash I remembered grandpa’s rough whiskers with which he loved to tickle us grandkids. I remembered how he loved to tell stories…especially ones that involved hunting or baseball or family. I remembered how he would sit down at their kitchen table put on his dress shoes for church imageand wait for grandma to comb his hair with Groom & Clean (it was like Bryllcreem). I remembered how grandma adored him and he adored her just the same. I thought of the smiles and good times and how much we miss them both…

Eventually my memory rabbit chased its way down the trail to a certain Read more



My husband has wanted a Jeep for years. I mean YEARS. It never really worked out before but recently we decided give it a shot. I found one on the internet that had just about everything we wanted. There were only a handful “Copperhead Pearl” Jeeps within a 250 mile radius from our house and this one was 4WD, had low miles and a starting price we thought we could work with. So a few Saturdays ago we took a 3 hour (one way) road trip to the dealership to check it out. Read more


Last weekend we took a family summer get-a-way to St. Louis. It was the first time the kids had been to the city, so we did the classic St. Louis stuff. We took in a Cardinals game, saw the famous Clydesdales, went up in the arch, and ate Imo’s pizza–twice. Shameless plug here: if you can take your kids to the City Museum, do it. Ours had a blast.

The first stop on our tour de fun was the arch. Keirsten was super excited about it. She gets that way sometimes and I love that about her (last year she was super excited about Mt. Rushmore). What she wasn’t super excited about was the wait. Read more


There are two Walmart bags full of school supplies sitting on a utility counter in our house. Brand new, fresh crayons and glue sticks and notebooks and pencil bags and composition books and post-it’s and dry erase markers that will sit in those bags for five more weeks.

I am not the kind of mom that is in a hurry to send their kids back to school every fall. I’m not saying anything bad about those that are; that’s just not me. To be fair, it should be noted that my preschool follows the local school calendar, so when my kids go back to school, I go back work too (Have to? Get to? Hmmmmm…). Read more


A couple weeks ago Micah and I went to Charleston, SC to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We had a fabulous time visiting the ocean for the first time, enjoying the local low-country food, and touring a lot of historic sites. We rented a convertible and found multiple “back road” ways to get where we were going. We got our fair share of Vitamin D and fresh air! It was amazing.

imageIn our travels we noticed palmetto images on everything, seemingly everywhere. It’s on their state flag, sure. But they were also on business signs, license plates, t-shirts, road signs, just to name a few. We curiously wondered what the big deal was. (I mean, growing up in Missouri you didn’t see two bears and the state seal on everything like that, lol.) It was neat seeing the real trees too though. Palmetto trees certainly aren’t native to the land-locked central U.S. where we have lived all our lives. Read more


At the end of last summer, my friend and I were a little nervous about the upcoming school year. We were both going to have different ages of students than we’d previously had at our respective learning institutions. She was switching to high schoolers and I was going from the toddler hall to the preschool hall. Granted, her change was admittedly more daunting than mine, lol.

On the Sunday before school started, another friend at church was exhorting the congregation about the authority we have in Christ. This gentleman is a K-9 officer with nearly 20 years of service on a local police force. He spoke of the training he has received to do what he does and the authority he possesses to keep the peace and uphold the law because of the office he holds. He mentioned how when he arrives on the scene of a call, he knows that if he and his fellow officers don’t take charge of the situation then the situation will quickly escalate out of control and take charge of them. He doesn’t enter a situation wondering if they’re going to make it work. Read more


My kids are used to me pulling out my phone and saying, “Hold on! I want to get a picture of this.” It doesn’t seem to matter when or where the fancy strikes me, I want to freeze frame that memorable (to me, at least) moment forever. So I pull mom-rank and try to make them hold the pose in order to get that elusive perfect picture where no one is blurred from motion, all eyes are toward the camera and every one is clearly visible. With the glory of digital photography you can instantly see if you captured the essence of what you were experiencing. If you did, fabulous!! All parties are free to move about the cabin and return to regularly scheduled programming. If not though, the torture will ensue as I snap photo after photo after photo if someone won’t hold still or won’t smile or just basically won’t cooperate. This goes on until persistence wins…either mine in getting a good shot or that of the nameless other party seemingly bent on spoiling every shot.

imageI am not a photographer. I have no photography training. I don’t use a fancy camera. I point and shoot with the camera on my phone. That is all. Because I point and shoot, I’m at the mercy of the little automatic focus box that appears when I’m trying to take a picture. Read more